4 people who’ll love Smartphone Projector that you wouldn’t expect


There’s no doubt that Smartphone Projector makes for a great gift for all sorts of people. But we bet what you didn’t realise is that there’s a whole host of people that would love the Smartphone Projector that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Ranging from the old fashioned University lecturer to the flexible yoga instructor, we’ve put together a list of four characters we know are dying to get their hands on our cinema in a box…

– The old fashioned, tech-no-phobe University lecturer

Ahh the old fashioned professor type. Prefers pipes to cigarettes, books to the internet, paper maps to Google maps…When it comes to an end of term cool gift idea, you would probably assume it’s best to avoid anything tech-y but that’s where you’re wrong. Our Smartphone Projector 2.0 is the perfect gift for him because it’s made from cardboard (semi old-fashioned, right?) and it’s so easy to use. Designed in a luxury brown leather effect, just picture him sitting in his gigantic dark wood study, smoking a pipe and watching ‘The Tudors’ projected onto the wall. Told you.

– The outdoorsie type that can pitch a tent with their eyes closed

You don’t have to stay indoors with the Smartphone Projector. Those who love the outdoors have just as much use for it because it’s compact and portable meaning they can take it on their weekend camping trips and watch movies projected onto the tent wall at night. Nature is great and all, but after a long day taking in the grass and…leaves, what better way to relax than by watching a movie al fresco? Not to stereotype or anything but the outdoorsie type tend to be good at DIY too. Our build your own Smartphone Projector makes for a pretty cool gift idea then ay…

– The girly girl, that makes Cher from Clueless look like a tomboy

As if! We’re serious. Our Smartphone Projector 2.0 in copper is the perfect gift for your girly best mate. Not only will it look uber stylish on her minimalist floating shelves because copper is soooooo in right now, she can also watch those endless make-up YouTube tutorials projected onto her bedroom wall. No more arm ache from holding her phone, all she needs to do is place her smartphone in the compartment at the back and she’s got ‘How to do the perfect winged eyeliner’ on the big screen. Oh you are so thoughtful.

– The organic, vegan, eco-friendly yoga instructor

Not only can they use it to project downward dog videos to fellow yoga enthusiasts, our Smartphone Projector is made form cardboard – that’s recyclable for those of you still getting to grips with green bin/black bin politics. It also doesn’t use any extra power as it works solely through your smartphone, fixing bad backs and saving the environment one projected lotus position at a time. Namaste.

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