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The Perfect Movie Night Recipe For A Geeky Dad

Smartphone Projector by Luckies

Have you ever got reprimanded by your Dad for the mortal sin of mixing up Star Wars and Star Trek? Would he get full points in a Mastermind round dedicated to Harry Potter bloopers? Then this movie night recipe guide for a geeky Dad might well be for you…

First set up your Smartphone Projector in copper – with it’s geometric shape and shiny copper accents, it’s a bit like C3P0 got a makeover. We wonder if he used to play movies for the gang on the Millennium Falcon? If you’re thinking of wrapping it up, you could go the extra mile and present it in this robot gift wrap – perfect for any geeky Dad!

Next think about films. This should be an easy win – just think any film where the cars hover and everyone has a ray gun.

Next sort out some food. Now it’s a well known fact that geeks need a high sugar intake to power that awesome brain of theirs, (not to mention the 24 hour marathons in front of the X Box), so arrange a variety of sweets and candy in masons jars customised with these La Bella Label Bands – not only will your pa appreciate the sugar, he’ll love how organised everything is!

Lastly bone up on some sci-fi knowledge. If you want to spend time with your Dad while he’s watching Back To The Future reruns, you’re going to have to know what the hell a flux capacitor is…

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