Using Modern Gadgets to bring back family traditions.

One of my fondest times when I was growing up was when my father who was a keen photographer turning our living room into a viewing room with a huge screen, and his slide-show projector. We would sit, with sweets and treats and seeing his photos on the big screen. We would look at our holiday photos, special outings and every birthday we would be treated to a show of baby photos. We loved this so much that sometimes we would actually ask Daddy to set it up for us. We loved seeing our memories in this way.

When I came across the Smartphone Projector, I honestly thought here was a gadget for people addicted to YouTube, or who watched movies on their smartphones and although I thought it was clever I didn’t think it was for me. But then I started thinking… Getting sentimental… And I realised that actually I needed this item.

Wathcing moves on the smartphone projector

The Smartphone Projector is small and neat, it’s made of cardboard and costs just £15.95. It uses your phone and a white wall to turn your home into cinema. However, when I heard about it got me thinking. It is basically a projector just like we had in childhood, although you need a phone rather than slides and a wall rather than the cumbersome screen my father had to set up. So surely I could use it to re-create one of my favourite childhood traditions.

I don’t own a camera. My smartphone has such a good camera in it that use it for all my photography needs and it works well for me. I also have a child, and most of my photos are moments of him or of us together. Trips out, silly times and family holidays have all been documented on my phone. But then viewing them on my little screen is the drawback, I’ve always thought. But not any more.

I set up the projector, settled my family around me, we sat in total darkness, with hot chocolate and marshmallows and I played a slideshow of photos. The projector magnifies the pictures eight times and it was so much fun to see the photos I had taken amplified in this way. The children loved it – they are quite vain so they shrieked with delight when looking at themselves. As I watched them I felt so nostalgic; it was magical.

So now I have a new family tradition. It is reminiscent of my childhood but it also fits with the time we live in. I plan to keep it up the way my family did and I hope my children grow up enjoying it the way I did.

One word of warning though – don’t invite friends over to look through your holiday snaps the way people used to do. Even modern technology and a smartphone projector can’t make that OK.

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