The Perfect Movie Night Recipe For An Outdoorsy Dad

Smartphone Projector by Luckies

If your Dad is more comfortable tinkering in the garden shed that vegging out in front of the telly, you might not think a movie night would be for him. But how about setting him up with the ultimate outdoor film night, complete with al fresco dining experience and sleeping under the stars?

First get him the Smartphone Projector in original black – it’s self assembly, so it’s great for all those Dad’s who are handy with DIY (or at least think they are).

Next set up your mobile projector outside. A white garage wall would work fine, or how about in a tent? This is sure to bring out the Huckleberry Finn in any Dad.

Next think about some pre movie snacks. Carrying on the outdoorsy theme (and making the most of the fleeting British summer), it’s time to get the barbie going. Slap some steaks on the grill, then impress your Pa with the Luckies BBQ Stamp – a personalised branding iron that’s great for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Make sure you get one of your five a day too, and chuck some whole ears of corn on the coals. You can make them truly delicious with the Luckies Corn Butter Spreader – it makes a doddle of spreading butter over you sweetcorn AND doubles up as a salt shaker. Perfect for that no fuss, no mess dinner.

Now all that’s left to do is grab a couple of beers, kick back in the tent and get those action movies on the big screen.

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