Smartphone Projector 2.0: How to Plan a Romantic Date Night

Smartphone Projector by Luckies

You’ve been on the obligatory dinner date, the night at the pub and walk in the park to feed the ducks… Now you’re after something a bit special. That and you’ve spent all your money trying to impress your latest tinder match. You know you both love movies, but the cinema seems so impersonal (and expensive), so how about a romantic movie night in? With the Smartphone Projector 2.0 you can transform your living room into a seductive home cinema in an instant.

This nifty mobile projector comes in three colours, so you can tailor your night to suit your style. Think about what your date will like too – are they into modern design? Try the copper accented projector. Do they prefer classic decor? Get the 2.0 original with leather look finish. Is your date more dashing than Gatsby? Try our art deco edition.

First off, you’re going to want to set your projector up and make sure you know how to use it – there’s nothing more off-putting than fumbling around on a first date (don’t worry, it comes ready assembled to limit any potential DIY embarrassments). It’s suitable for use with iPhones and Androids, magnifies your phone screen by up to 8 times, and has an adjustable focus. Got all that?
Next think about your sound system – those scary movies won’t have your partner jumping into your arms if the bloody chainsaw is set to mute. Try the Luckies Smartphone Speaker, which instantly fills your front room with a surround sound that Dolby will want to get in on.

You’ll want to choose your film carefully – does your date love an action movie? A comedy? A tear jerker? If it’s the latter, keep these Emergency Tissues handy. Each one has ideas on how to expunge yourself from emergency situations so they’ll not only dry your lover’s tears, but provide great conversation starters for those pesky first date silences. We wonder if there’s one about bailing on bad dates? Awkward!

If you’re an old romantic at heart but want to avoid the cliches of flowers or chocolates, why not think outside the box and give your potential spouse a Love Note in a bottle? You get to write a unique and personal message, (which is bound to make your new love go weak at the knees), PLUS if your date goes badly, just throw the bottle overboard and wait to be rescued…

Now all that’s left to do is dim the lights, pour the wine and snuggle in for a saucy evening on the couch! Who knows, maybe you’ll be quoting this Luckies how-to guide at your wedding!

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