Smartphone Projector: The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Let’s be honest, your Dad’s done more than his fair share for you over the years. He’s cleared up your sick (and worse), written you cleverly crafted notes to get out of gym class, and got you out of more than a few scrapes with the neighbours’ kids. So it’s only fair that for one day a year you honour him with a gift worthy of this blog post title: the ultimate father’s day gift.

Now when we say ultimate, we’re not talking a quirky Simpsons tie or mug with ‘World’s Greatest Farter’ on it (guffaw). We’re talking next level gifting. We’re talking, your Dad’s probably going to up your allowance or get you that new car you’ve been hoping for kinda good. Enter the Smartphone Projector.

This portable projector lets you transform your front room into a home cinema at the touch of an iPhone (or android), magnifies your phone screen by up to 8 times, AND has an adjustable focus. It’s possibly the most brilliant addition to your Dad’s man cave to date, and he’s guaranteed to love you just a little bit more than your siblings because of it.

Now if he loves a bit of a DIY project, get him the original Smartphone Projector. It’s self assembly, but easy enough that he won’t be left feeling inadequate (like that time he tried to put up that shelf in the bathroom). If he’s more of an open and go kinda guy, chose from the Smartphone Projector 2.0 which comes in a range of colours – Copper for the modern man, Black and Gold for the dapper dude and original leather look for the distinguished gentleman.

As soon as he busts out some action movies on the big screen his friends are sure to come flocking to kick back with a beer and chill out. So do something extra special for your Pa this Dad’s day, after all, he probably deserves it. That and you’ll probably earn yourself a few brownie points along the way. If you’re feeling super flash, you could always get him the Luckies matching surround sound speaker too – just be prepared that you might not see him for a while if you do…

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